I apologize for my scattered thoughts and run-ons. It takes me so much effort & time to put thoughts in order, which you will understand ‘why’ in a moment. I’m sure this summary will change as I have brain power and time. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

A few years ago I thought about how therapeutic blogging would be. While that though came and went, as life happened, it is never truer than today! While it took me awhile to start, with the help of my amazing (computer wiz) brother and encouragement from loved ones, I am finally starting this new adventure! Thank you for joining me and being a part of my therapy and adventure! Visit my blog here.


On December 16, 2016 my life changed and I started a new journey, where I would learn much about myself (and not always like what I learned). I have always been an independent, strong & outgoing person. I have always strived to be positive, to live life to the fullest and don’t put limits on myself! Because, after all, I CAN DO ANYTHING! With this ‘new me’ I have learned that I must pace myself and I simply cannot do what I did before… NOT YET!

I was in a head-on collision (no fault of my own), that literally changed my world! I broke my back, cracked ribs, bruised lung, got a concussion, along with other multiple other issues; but he worst… the concussion- brain injury! The broken bones healed with time (although still ache) but this brain! ugh. To add to the already injured brain, 2.5 months later, I was hospitalized with cerebral meningitis. Talk about a trying time and a walk of faith. For 2 years now I have been saying ‘I will be better’, and I WILL. For now I cannot do what I once did and as hard as it is to confess that I have limitations, I must. *If I may add… if you know anyone with a TBI, learn about it so you understand the beast they are dealing with.

Because I can no longer do my j.o.b. due to balance issues, ptsd, inability to concentrate & remember, sensitivity to noise and lights, be on computer or focus for very long and how overstimulated my brain gets-with any and everything, I am on a journey to find my purpose! While I am finding what I thought I could do is more limited than I had hoped, I am trying to focus on what I CAN do as my brain cooperates. I have always LOVED encouraging & helping people, sharing great products, been an entrepreneur at heart so here I am with Grit, Grace and Gratitude!


HERE I AM, the temporary new me, doing and sharing what I love through Grit, Grace and Gratitude! Trying my hand at blogging (I never would have guessed that and fully admit I cannot write!) I love seeing others find what makes them smile and sets a fire within! THAT!, that just makes my heart jump with joy! I hope to inspire you to find encouragement, adventure, opportunity, understanding, passion, joy in every day life, and maybe even yourself while doing what you love!

GRIT: I have been told, over the years, I have tenacity (I don’t argue this!), GRACE: I DO believe I have unmerited favor of God, as His princess of course. GRATITUDE: I do try to be grateful in all things (and yes, I fail-daily). Hense the name ‘Grit, Grace and Gratitude’! While I’m always learning, striving and praying to be better I KNOW my God loves, adores, favors and forgives me, just as I am…because I AM HIS!

My side hustles, which because of my #TBI, have become my main hustles (although I’m not able to do much still) are… Grit, Grace and Gratitude | Junque Princess | Legal Shield/IDShield | Rodan + Fields | I am my own boss in each of these and love every moment because I get to meet and help people like YOU! To learn more and see all in one, visit my ‘Side Hustles‘ page.

My advice… remember life is fragile and can change in a moment so Love hard, Forgive often, find YOUR Passion, Live Out Loud and KNOW that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

Thank you for sharing in my journey!

Be blessed and be a blessing and Thank you so much for visiting! Tami Dupuis

Visit my first blog here. Till later….time for a brain break! LOL.