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Do you focus at all on these 4 simple words? I have found that many are afraid to put any, or all, of them into practice. I’m not sure why. Perhaps out of fear. Fear of disapproval, failure, disappointment, or what others may think or say. We hold ourselves back far more than anyone else does.

I believe that by focusing on these 4 simple words we can create our own happy. Does it make life perfect and hard times easy? NO. But it does bring perspective and peace to a sometimes ‘out of control’ life. So, I encourage you to focus daily on these 4 simple words & create your own happy!


…because you may find new truths

THINK and think for yourself! Don’t believe it because it was repeated, on the news, internet or social media for heavens sake! Why do we blindly follow? There are ALWAYS two sides to every story, no matter what side YOU are on! There is research for all opinions and likely… the truth is somewhere in the middle. DIG. RESEARCH. THINK. FIND TRUTH.

…because you may find hope

To believe in yourself, and others, is a choice and one we make daily. Your view of the yourself, others and the world all depends on your attitude. It’s a beautiful life or a horrid one, so whatever you believe, you’re right! Choose to BELIEVE in yourself, that there IS good in the world and find hope.

…because you may find joy

Why do we feel insecure about dreaming and dreaming big?! Dreaming of what we desire to do or have makes life even more exciting! The possibilities are endless in our dreams! When we dream we ignite a passion within. That spark leads us to take action, whether it be big or small, which can lead us to walk into our destiny. I firmly believe God gives me my dreams. He places them in my heart as a desire and gives me what I need to step forward every day to pursue them. I pray YOU DREAM and find the joy it brings!

…because you may find yourself

Are you daring? Me? No; Sometimes; Yes; A little; Maybe; Not really. It depends on the moment! teehee. Sometimes we need to step… no, JUMP, out of our comfort zone and do something new! Dare to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable and/or vulnerable. Why? Because, when you do, you may just find a new part of yourself you never knew. And…. you just may like it!

Can I be real? This whole ‘blogging’ thing is way out of my comfort zone. Letting y’all in on my struggles, dreams, insecurities and life is hard, scary and sometimes feels a bit cRaZy! BUT, I have this crazy idea that I can encourage others by sharing my struggles, dreams, insecurities and life! So, here I am. CrAzY and all! I’m stepping out to practice these 4 simple words and creating my own happy!



I choose to THINK for myself based on my convictions, life experiences, moral compass & research.

I choose to BELIEVE that people are kind, willing to help others and better themselves. And I choose to BELIEVE in myself, even with my (temporary) new normal, that I am strong, still of value & WILL walk in my destiny!

I choose to DREAM of those desires that are in my heart and believe they will come to pass!

I choose DARE; to step out of my comfort zone. I will continue to put myself out there & strive to better myself by thinking, believing, dreaming and daring!

I hope you do as well. Best wishes,
XOXO -Tami ?

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  1. Athena Crowley

    Thank you for daring to get your inspiration down in print and share it with us. I want you to know that your well organized writing is excellent and easy to read/understand/apply.
    This was very encouraging to me, as I have struggled with chronic illness and pain. Sometimes we can feel so overwhelmed trying to live a normal life with an abnormal body that we just need to focus on a few simple things. One step at a time. One day at a time. I want to find a happy in my soul regardless of how I feel in my body. Love you.

    • admin

      Thank you so much, that means so much to me! I’m so happy I could encourage you. The invisible illnesses are so difficult to live with because we ‘look’ fine. Yes, one day at a time. One moment at a time. I keep telling myself… ‘I can only do what I can do and that’s ok’. :). You are such a special soul, Love you lady!!

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