My name is Tami Dupuis and I LOVE to encourage, explore, create, laugh & live life to it’s fullest!

After 2 back-to-back brain injuries forced me to quit my job, be still/quiet most of the time and limit social activities (& I have always been a highly social person!) I had to re-create myself & find something new to focus on… I found I LOVE to encourage others in their journey while sharing mine. So here I am; trying my hand at this blogging thing and truly doing my best to live with a bit of Grit, an abundance of Grace and a wholelotta Gratitude! And, to be honest, some days I just need an attitude adjustment! Who’s with me?

I have lived in the beautiful state of Idaho (#myidaho) since I was 7, when we moved from Virginia. And, yes, I still LOVE sweet tea! MmmmMmmm. Because of my TBI’s & Post Concussion Syndrome we have moved to my hometown and are loving the quiet, simple life it offers! Ya’ll come visit!

I have an incredibly supportive husband, 2 amazing (grown) sons and their beautiful wives (my daughters), an incredible family-close, extended and chosen, wonderful friends, and a most powerful Lord who helps me stay grateful & enjoy the simple things through life’s ups and downs! To sum it up Iā€™m a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend till the end, a DREAMER, a doer, encourager and, yes, a Jesus Freak!

A few years ago I thought how therapeutic blogging would be. While that though came and went, it is never truer than today! While it took me awhile to start, and start again, šŸ™ƒ with the help of my amazing (computer wiz) brother and encouragement from loved ones, I am finally starting this new adventure in blogging! Thank you for joining me, your patience, and being a part of my therapy, adventure and journey! Visit my blog posts here.

I apologize for my scattered thoughts and run-ons. It takes me so much effort & time to put thoughts in order, which I explain in my first real blog post ‘The (temporary) New Me!’.

I’m so grateful you are joining my journey & allowing me to encourage you in yours!

XO, Tami Dupuis

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