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Gratitude in trials? You’re thinking I’m crazy aren’t you? I don’t blame you! But just hear me out…

Trials. They say they break us or make us! How do you handle them? This has been a huge lesson in my life over the past few years and I’ll be honest; there were a few times I thought they would break me! I understand how it’s easy to get bitter when we seem to be given more than we can handle, when really, we simply need to find gratitude in trials and know we are stronger than we think! I know it may sound crazy but it’s actually survival. When we are grateful for the good and what we do have it takes our focus off the trials, hardship, struggle or lack in our lives.


I have had my share of personal trials the last few years. Actually, more than I care to remember but I have made it through, stronger than ever, and I have learned much about myself and others. To name some of my own trials… my 20+ year marriage nearly ended, my dad was losing his battle with the beast of Alzheimer’s and I literally watched him die, my mom was fighting serious health issues, a life-long BFF ended our friendship, My hubby was out of work and/or working out of town (for years!), I was not able to work full time because of health issues from my accident, we lost our precious Zoe girl (family dog), I was in a head-on collision & hospitalized for a week, and then to top it off got cerebral meningitis & was hospitalized for another week! Believe it or not, there were more but those were the biggies.

While I felt I would be crushed alive at times and still struggle with issues from some of these trials, I have done my best to remain grateful! I’m grateful because I’m finding my strength in my weakness! Because of these trials I can relate to others in similar situations and offer encouragement. While it has been difficult, I’ve learned to enjoy the simple things in life… I mean really simple, let go of things I have no control over, ask for help, and that sharing the truth of my trial can be healing to myself and others. While it sucks that I’ve learned these lessons through trials; they have benefited me, to some degree, and for that I’m so very grateful! Also, I’m happy to report my marriage is stronger than ever! Simply put, I am learning to find gratitude in trials.


It’s easy to look at others and think their life is ‘perfect’. Don’t be fooled! We live in a social media world where lives look picture perfect and they’re simply not! No matter how we may look on the outside and in our seemingly perfect social media life, we all have crap to deal with. Perhaps we even carry life-long secrets, scars & hurts. What’s important is that we actually deal with our crap! Whether it’s personal baggage, emotional and/or physical hurts, family/friend issues, financial, job problems, or a bad marriage we NEED to deal with them. This is critical, for ourselves and those close to us. It’s also important to not judge others on your ‘opinion’ of what their life is like! Everyone you meet has a struggle you know nothing about! Be kind, offer encouragement and don’t judge!


I am really trying to be more intentional in my life and part of this is to face trials head-on even though my ability to do so changes day to day. Maybe start by trying to discover the root of it, get help when needed, be grateful for the good in life, and finally, know that YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK! I challenge you to wake every day and focus on one thing you are grateful for. It may be your dog, flower garden, family, home, car, health, clothes to wear, job, the sun shinning or another day of life! Whatever it is take a moment to be grateful and see how it changes your day. Also, try to find gratitude in trials of your life. There is always something to be grateful for. Be truly intentional and be the person you are meant to be!

Be blessed! -Tami Dupuis


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