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First, I apologize if this is scattered. It takes me so much effort & time to put thoughts in order, which you will understand ‘why’ in a moment. Thank you for your understanding and patience!

A few years ago I thought how therapeutic blogging would be. While that though came and went, as life happened, it is never truer than today! While it took me awhile to start, with the help of my amazing (computer wiz) brother I am finally starting this new adventure! Thank you for joining me!

In my journey I have found that MY REAL PASSION is to ENCOURAGE OTHERS! I love seeing others find what makes them smile and sets a fire within! THAT. That just makes my heart jump with joy! #findyourpassion

What led me to blogging, you ask? On December 16, 2016 my life changed and I started a new journey, where I would learn much about myself (and not always like what I learned). I have always been an independent, strong, outgoing and (very) social person. I’ve always tried to be positive, live life to the fullest and don’t put limits on myself! Because, after all, I CAN DO ANYTHING! With this ‘new me’ I have learned that I must pace myself and I simply cannot do what I did before… NOT YET! So, my blog will be a little of everything; Sharing life lessons and experiences, great products I find and some I make, and encouraging words and quotes.


My Story: I was in a head-on collision (no fault of my own), that literally changed my world! I broke my back, cracked ribs, bruised lung, got a concussion, along with other multiple other issues; but the worst… the concussion (brain injury)! The broken bones healed (although still ache) but this brain! ugh. To add to the already injured brain, 2.5 months later, I was hospitalized with cerebral meningitis. Talk about a trying time and a walk of faith. For 2 years now I have been saying ‘I will be better’, and I WILL. For now I cannot do what I once did and as hard as it is to confess, I have limitations, I must. (and may I add, if you know anyone with a TBI, learn about it so you understand the beast they are dealing with).

I can no longer do my j.o.b. due to balance issues, inability to concentrate & remember, sensitivity to noise and lights, be on computer or focus for very long and how overstimulated my brain gets, with any and everything! I am finding what I thought I could do is more limited than I had hoped but I do what I can as my brain cooperates. I have always LOVED encouraging, helping people, sharing great products and been an entrepreneur at heart and had a home business!


So, HERE I AM, the temporary new me, doing and sharing what I love! Trying my hand at blogging (I never would have guessed that!) and believing it’s part of my journey to healing. I truly believe everyone should find their passion, purpose, joy in life and a #sidehustle….for sooo many reasons that I hope to share with you. I hope to inspire you to find encouragement, opportunity, passion, and maybe even yourself while doing what you love!

I do have some side hustles which you can find on my site so please check them out! Before my accident I actually had energy and brain power to work all but now I do as I am able but still love them all. They are my therapy! My side hustles, which because of my #TBI, have become my main hustles (although I’m not able to do much still) are… Grit, Grace and Gratitude -encouraging others!!! #findyourpassion | Legal Shield/IDShield – Independent Associate | Rodan + Fields – Consultant | Junque Princess – Home decor, furniture and more! I am CEO of each of these and love every moment because I get to meet and help people like YOU!

ME summed up = ’Change your attitude and change your life!’ I’m a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend till the end, a DREAMER, a doer, and yes, a Jesus Freak! To read more about me visit my ‘About Me’ Page.

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  1. Sandee Tuck

    I love your unique way in expressing yourself and sharing your journey which will greatly benefit others that have walked your walk. Thank you for being vulnerable and courageous and making a step in sharing YOU!!!!

    I’m proud of you and proud to be called your mother and I am forever grateful for the time we’ve been able to live close to one another and share talks & walks.

    You are definitely a princess in more ways than one. Your dad would be so extremely proud of you and I envision him as he ‘looks down’ and sees daddy‘s little girl…his Little princess👸🏼

    I’m sure you have felt the strength of the Lord through this walk even though you have wondered at times, WHY??? We have all thought that at some place in our lives but God has always proven Himself to us over and over and has given us strength that we didn’t know we possessed. God IS truly good ALL THE TIME☝🏼

    • admin

      Thank you mom! Thank you for always being there to listen and support! It has been a journey for sure…you, of all people, know! One I am ever so grateful to have support and strength of family, friends and my Lord!

  2. Marie Holmes

    You never stop amazing me! You give yourself fully to your pursuits, and I count myself lucky to have been encouraged and inspired by you. I can’t wait to read what what you present. Go get ’em!

    • admin

      YOU have always been an inspiration and encouragement to me and I am so thankful for YOU!!! Love you!

    • admin

      Thank you and thank you for all your encouragement to just do it! Yes! How fun it will be!

    • admin

      My goodness, I thought I replied. This is a learning curve! LOL. Thank you so much! I am also looking forward to this and connecting/reconnecting with so many! Blessings!

  3. Brenda

    Hi “Little Sister” …so glad to see you doing this!! You have always been such an encouragement to me, and watching you continue to shine through your circumstances fills me with pride, hope, and encouragement. Funny, I am venturing out into the blogging world myself – I guess I need to get out of the “research stage” and get my rear in gear!! Love you tons!!!

    • admin

      Thank you so much and… right back atcha! LOL! You stay so positive through all the pain and have always inspired me! Yes, JUST DO IT!!! I figure it’s not perfect, but I’m taking action and that’s what is important to me! I look forward to reading yours soon!!! love you!

  4. Meg England

    Miss Tami!!! I knew about your accident but I did not know the extent. God is good and his grace never fails. With HIM we can all move mountains and I have no doubt that you will! I loved reading your blog and I look forward to more. God Bless and much love.

    • admin

      Thank you soooo much! I appreciate your words of encouragement! I believe that and do plan on moving some mountains! LOL 🙂

  5. Ramona Smitch

    You are strong and amazing!!!! I love this so much. God has carried you through this and will continue to do so!!! Love you 💜! Keep up the good work!

    • admin

      Thank you so much!!! And thank you for being such an encouragement to me and so many! YOU ARE SO STRONG! I believe we have a lot of strong women in our family!!!! Hugs.

  6. Patti Rogets

    Oh my precious sister in Christ, partner in disability, and such a sweet, sensitive and humble servant for the Lord.
    You amaze me! Clearly so driven even now! You are a force to be reckoned with and watch out Satan she is turned loose!!! I am serious what if this blog is what you are meant to do???
    Think and ponder and pray. Your suffering and sharing will be used for His glory. The Lord has had His hand on you all your life and He is closed one door and opened a new one. You know! One of His promises. You have accomplished much in your life and while you may feel this is a trivial thing you are doing it’s not! This is the Lord working thru you my precious. He sees your heart, desire, your frailties and is allowing you to use it to glorify Him and help others. While you feel a train wreck inside I see a very calming heart at work. It’s so difficult to live with these disabilities. Because you are not in a wheelchair, or brace or using a walker and you get up and dress up and show up for life daily no one sees the internal turmoil and pain and suffering. Most could not go through what you have been through with such grace. You are going to be such an inspiration to many and you will find your healing moments slowly through all you share. It’s buried and layers upon layers yet to share.
    I promise to pray daily for you! Because o love you and you need and desire Gods healing grace. I can hardly wait to see how the Lord uses this in all of our lives but especially yours. Know I am always here for you and praying Gods healing hand on you my sweet sister … I love you!

    • admin

      Oh Patti, thank you so much for all your support and encouragement! Serious, I just have no words… You BLESSED me!!! You are amazing. Always so upbeat, positive and encouraging through the trials. I love you!

  7. Christine Snow

    You are a beautiful soul and a blessing! God bless you in your journey today and always.💗

    • admin

      Right back Catcha sista! I am so very thankful to have you in my life!!!!

  8. Nikki

    Tami, my sweet friend…..boy do I love you!
    I was visiting Pinterest this evening and I have not idea how I came across your wonder blog, but I did and is am utterly thrilled! I sure it was ordained ☺️🥰.
    Looking forward to walking, and reading, alongside you.
    Love you oodles,

    • admin

      Ohhh…. I love you and glad you found it. It truly has been therapy for me! We REALLY need to catch up! Luvs!! Tami

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